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General Information

Airport sign

Ray Community Airport has long been known as the friendliest little airport in Michigan! It's privately owned for public use and holds a General Utility certification.

In continuous operation since 1955, it was created by a group of aviation enthusiasts-investors led by John Hudolin. Together they formed a stock holding company called Macomb Airways, Inc. After locating and purchasing a suitable piece of property, they began operation with John as the airport manager. Macomb Airways, Inc. has proudly owned and administered the airport ever since.

The pilots and families at Ray demonstrate their love of flying by the way they voluntarily maintain the airport and grounds. Improvements over the years include paved runways and a taxiway, several new rows of modern hangars, availability of avgas on a 24 hour basis, and a full-time flight school.


The airport is administered by the Macomb Airways board of directors who maintain a full-time airport manager, George Fox. To contact the airport administration, please write or call using this information:

Airport Data
FAA Identifier 57D
Nearest Facility Selfridge 119.6
Elevation 632'
Runway 10/28 2284'
Runway 01/19 2047'
Self-Service Fuel 100LL
Transient Parking Tie-downs
  • Macomb Airways, Inc.
  • 59819 Indian Trail
  • Ray MI 48096
  • (586) 749-9558
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